Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology

  • Building Description –Museum of Palaeontology (not just dinosaurs)
  • Building Location – Drumheller, Alberta
  • Design Response – The planning for a new Paleontological interpretive centre began with a search for a site, and development of a master plan and program for a world class facility for the display of fossil finds: all manner of  plants, marine animals, dinosaurs, and mammals. More than a museum, the RTM is a functioning research and laboratory facility that provides an array of different types of education and entertainment experiences for a very diverse audience. It has display galleries containing fossil exhibits, live animal and plant displays, and interactive audio-visual displays. There are theatres, a cafeteria, a gift shop and all the support facilities associated with these.- Design for a museum involves consideration of layout for both efficient circulation and for the provision of an entertaining experience. The spaces must flow together logically, and provide for side trips for a fuller experience. The RTM accommodates individuals, groups, local visitors and those from outside the country. There is full accessibility to all parts of the museum for all visitors, including the disabled.