YYC Logistics Buildings A & B

    • Buildings Description – Industrial Office and Warehouse
    • Buildings Location – Calgary, Alberta
    • Size, Phase 1 Building A – 8,493 s.m. (91,525 Sq. ft.) (New Building)
    • Size, Phase 1 Building B – 12,672 s.m. (136,400 Sq. ft.) (New Building)
    • Size, Phase 2 – 11,152 s.m. (120,040 sq. f.t.) (New Building)
    • Design Response – Buildings A and B share a docking area between, with parking along the frontages. Each building provides warehouse space including multiple dock doors and drive ramps for various size tenancies. There is provision for office or retail areas along the fronts with glazing and optional additional entrances. The high building clearance allows for mezzanine spaces and has been used by a variety of tenants, including recreational occupancies such as a climbing centre and trampoline gymnasium.