Montrose Co-op Centre

  • Building Description – Food Store
  • Building Location – High River, Alberta
  • Size – 3241 sq.m. (34,900 sq.ft.) food store
  • Size – 512 sq.m. (5511 sq.ft.) wine and spirits store
  • Size – 367 sq.m. (3950 sq.ft.) gas bar, convenience store, car wash
  • Design Response – Montrose Co-op Centre provides a multi-faceted shopping experience for the town of High River, following the successful style of our other Calgary Co-op urban centres. The design reflects the heritage of High River and also the new branding for Calgary Co-op. Shoppers are given a bright grocery store experience for fresh produce,meats and baked goods, deli, pharmacy, and a large selection of staples. In addition, the railroad theme is carried around to the south side of the store in architectural style, and a three panel mural graces the walls facing the community.