Mid-Town CO-OP Market

  • Building Description – Food Store
  • Building Location – Calgary, Alberta
  • Size – 4830 sq.m. (52,000 sq.ft.)
  • Design Response – Midtown market is a downtown Calgary grocery store located in a mixed neighborhood of residential and commercial buildings. Much more than just a store, Midtown is a gathering place. A fireplace lounge is located in the mezzanine, overlooking a day-lit produce area. Outside, benches and tables located in the niches created by the saw-tooth façade offer quiet areas to people-watch. The loading area is shielded by a trellis and the only side not offering access is embellished with a mural. Referencing the early to mid- 20th century commercial component of the neighborhood, the contemporary design of the building uses brick and sandstone, with steel canopy accents and a copper roof.