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BCW helps you create the best space to serve your needs, whether it’s a new corporate office, showcase for your products, home for your operations, or re-planning your existing facility. We listen to your requirements and priorities and provide the design expertise to help you determine the best possible approach that suits your image, budget and schedule.  Your goal is to achieve a new facility that supports and enhances your day to day operations for the present and future. Our goal is to help you make that happen through a process that is a pleasant journey to a satisfying conclusion.

At BCW, we work to build a culture that supports and encourages creativity and growth in our staff. Everyone is able to utilize the best of their talents to create a skilled and professional team to address your design needs and that is capable of taking on any challenge. As a team, we are all informed about the projects underway. Partners and staff are equally involved in all projects.

Clients choose BCW because we excel at listening, translating and developing the design.  Our design process helps our clients understand not only their needs, but the means of implementing strategies to fulfill them.   We are happy to report that we inspire most of our clients to come back again and again for design services. There is nothing more satisfying to us than having clients who smile about their completed buildings, because they bring them satisfaction, success and recognition.

Peter and Ruth, Partners

The MEOW Foundation
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