BCW is a “community based firm.”  Our “ internal” community is our staff. We believe in encouraging staff growth and assisting them with their careers, giving them understanding and support when required for their families and providing a safe, fun, encouraging and learning work environment.  It is also important for us to help assist and  encourage staff to take on as much as they think they can. We then try to inspire them further, beyond their own goals, to help them realize their full potential.

Our “external” community is comprised of our clients, the general public, and the projects we design. We create an environment for people’s day to day life, so that they may excel, grow, prosper, play and learn.  When a building becomes Architecture, it should invoke feelings for its users that reflect the function of the building, and through its use enhance their lives, careers and communities.  But this is not done by us alone; we assist and facilitate our clients to reach their immediate and long range building goals.

Clients choose BCW because we excel at trying to satisfy their architectural needs.  They also come to us  to help create buildings which not only meet today’s demands but which will be relevant and easily adaptable many years down the road.  During this process clients usually learn not only a great deal about design and building, but also learn a lot about themselves.   At the end of the process if a client doesn’t consider us a ‘friend’ then we feel we have not succeeded as Architects. We are happy to report that we inspire most of our clients to come back again and again for design services. There is nothing more satisfying to us than having clients who smile about their completed buildings, because they bring them satisfaction, success and recognition.

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