Ruth Korns   –   Partner

Architect, AAA, LEED AP BD+C
M.E.Des.(Arch.), BFA, BES
Ruth is a graduate of U of Manitoba – BES and U of Calgary – BFA, ME Des(Arch.). Ruth is BCW’s primary Design Architect, and also is responsible for programming, master planning, graphics and animations. She is also one of the firms leading voices regarding sustainable buildings and LEED accreditation.

Architecture is a marriage of art, science and sociology.   As Architects, we need to understand the science of building: not only how things work and fit together, but the best methods and combinations of materials and technologies to work synergistically.  We need to understand the environment and its systems, in order to protect and support and even to reproduce them in our designs. We need to coordinate and understand all the other aspects of a building: structure, environmental control, water and waste management, landscaping, weather protection, how the building will be constructed.  All of these things are a complex system that we manipulate and, with an artist’s eye, create a unique solution to a building project.  But just as importantly, we also need to create for human occupation.  And so we talk to people, learn their stories and their needs. Ultimately, a building should support and enhance the lives of its occupants; we as Architects work to achieve that.

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