Various East Lake Projects

  • Building Description – Commercial/Industrial buildings
  • Building Location – Calgary, Alberta
  • Size – Varies
  • Design Response – BCW has completed numerous projects for Eastlake Industrial Park in Calgary. Eastlake Industrial Park requires all projects to meet LEED shadow requirements set by the City of Calgary.

Green Features:

  1. Improved building envelopes specified to achieve enhanced effective R values
  2. Non-toxic interior materials were used, including low VOC paint, water based adhesives, and composite wood products with no organic volatiles.
  3. Office areas are provided with extended windows to increase daylight.
  4. Landscaping, consisting of berms and groups of plantings in mulched beds comprise local and adapted species, provides absorptive surfaces to catch and contain runoff and also helps to control heat retention in paved areas.
  5. Low flow fixturing to reduce water consumption
  6. Erosion control during construction
  7. Structured recycling plans and locations for both construction and occupation